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Sigo Siendo El Rey™

Authentic Cuisine with Bold Flavor

Whether you’re here for a Birthday Party, Team Outing, Date night or just Lunch you are sure to have an amazing meal!

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Nuevo Signature Dishes

We are proud to showcase some of our specialties that were originated here and now featured in several other restaurants!

Frequently Asked Questions at El Rancho Nuevo

Why do Mexican restaurants serve food on hot plates?2023-12-02T14:42:29-05:00

There is nothing worse than preparing to enjoy a culinary treat than taking a bite into cold food. Hot plates ensure your food is piping hot upon arrival!

What are your Hours2023-12-02T14:32:58-05:00

We are open Sunday – Thursday from 10 AM to 10 PM. On Friday & Saturdays we are open from 10 AM to 11 PM

What is your most popular item?2023-12-02T14:44:09-05:00

Cheese dip, queso or liquid gold… Whatever you call it, it’s ordered with virtually every meal often more than one!

What is Sigo Siendo el Rey?2023-12-30T11:57:54-05:00

Sigo Siendo el Rey™ is the state of mind. I am still the King™ as it’s translated to English. We bring the service, food and drinks fit for a King. We believe we bring the best cuisine possible.

Do you have any specialty items?2023-12-02T14:36:37-05:00

Our vast menu is truly a specialty item of it’s own! However, we do have a several specialties as well as some Trademarked dishes you can find in other restaurants all over the states!

Check out the Signature Dishes grouping on our site, like the Burrito Ramon™ or the Coctel el Patron™

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